FOXFIRES: The Golden Age: 7″

Founded in 2010, the members of FOXFIRES have been in a variety of bands over the years, including MOUNTAIN MAN, FOUR YEAR STRONG, and LAST LIGHTS, and their years of playing really show up on this EP.

The eight songs, six on the vinyl and two bonuses on the download card, kick some serious ass. With all eight songs just around thirteen and a half minutes long, they get right down to work with some nice hardcore that doesn’t have that tough guy sound or feel, just some nice raging, angsty hardcore that hits the spot. The playing is tight, with the band hitting the ground running and going nonstop, the singing is just raw enough to add some grit to the band and the whole EP just made me want to play it over again.

These guys really show a ton of potential to become your favorite hardcore band, just get it and let the power of this band take over your stereo and go crazy.

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