YOUNGER YEARS: Self-titled: CD

YOUNGER YEARS from Baltimore, Maryland, have self-released their first two EPs; The Death of Steve Rogers, and Beer Necessities plus released the digital two song single “Brohemian Rhapsody”. YOUNGER YEARS have merged twelve of their songs together to create their self-titled full length.

This punk band starts off with “Tapes Not Torrents” a fast paced song with raspy vocals and a drummer smashing away, the guitar steaming full speed ahead and hooks galore, great start. “Ed Grimley Vs. The Landshark” is more along the lines of hardcore mixed with some metal guitar playing that made for a crunchy tune. “Aquaman (AKA the Fish Whisperer)” has snotty vocals and has great poppier sound that grabbed me. “Shots of Comfort” is a nice kick in the throat with the fast guitar playing, the thick bass, the frenetic drumming and the manic vocals. “I Only Have One Speed, and it’s “Fuck You”” has great angry vocals and really has that “We fucking mean it man” feel to it, good stuff. These were the songs on YOUNGER YEARS’ EP, Beer Necessities and really shows that for most bands, an EP is the way to go, no trying to fill space with mediocre songs, just put the good ones on it and burn it up. The second half of the album is The Death of Steve Rogers EP and it starts with “Hal Dirty’s”, a fantastic snotty punk tune that has great background vocals and goes by before you know it. “Show Some Neck” has some great guitar playing with some nice leads and has a cool stop / start and backup vocals. “If Neo-Cons Had Any Brains, They’d Be Anarchists” has great lyrics and a nice biting edge that made this one of my favorites, especially with the excellent background vocals and the woah-ohs. “What Matters Most (Is How Well You Walk Through the Flames)”  is a nice tight hardcore song with great playing that would be great fun to slam to. “Shirlena” has a ton of power and energy, plus great rough sounding vocals, it one of those songs that make you want to break something. “So You Think You Can Dance” has an almost streetpunk sound and is such a great song that I had to relay it a few times during this listening session. Great energy, fast guitar playing and drumming that just pushes the song forward and great lead and background vocals. “The Death of Steve Rogers (Acoustic)” is a nice way to end off this high energy album, speedy guitar playing and bitter lyrics.

The band really did a great job on these two EPs and played hard and fast, had lyrics that were fun and insightful, and probably put more effort into their music than a lot of other bands. They recently signed with Fast Break Entertainment and will undoubtedly be putting out another release of punk rock that should be heard by more than the people currently aware of them, they should be huge.