BPM: ​Oh Fuck, Axl Rose

This secret member band from Texas has done it again, on Halloween 2018, they released another masterpiece of mayhem on the masses. Seven more short, to the point brutal songs for the punters.

With a mix of shouted/crazed vocals and throatier moments, the band rips through their new collection of songs with all the energy of a nuclear bomb. One kick in the balls after another coming at you with no rest between…awesome! I can never pick one song that stands out since they are all great, no fluff at all, just powerful tunes. The band is still playing a bit sloppy, but it works so well and you know that this will sound just as good live…if they would ever play live that is.

This is real deal punk/hardcore, the kind of stuff that I never get tired of hearing. I’m glad that they sent me the info so I could listen to this devasting collection of songs.




BPM: ​Now You’re A Cop

Here we go…this secret member band from Texas has seven super short songs that come at you like a psycho chasing you down the street.

This kick in the nuts album has some George Carlin samples on the first song “Shangry Torando’s Win Again!!!” “Now You’re A Cop” is even better than the first with the Ice-T sample and the great chorus. This is so in your face and sloppy, but damn…I just love that they keep the punk rock going and going. For those sick of over-produced punk, this reminds me of the good old days when you could find cool stuff on tapes. The shouted, sometimes growled vocals, the crazed drumming, the guitar that seems to be playing its own song different from the rest of the band and the bass keeping up, make for such a fun listen, plus the lyrics are cool as well.

Definitely worth checking out and supporting these guys because they do this for the love of the music, not for corporate crap-fests. Download this and scare the animals in your neighborhood.




BPM: ​Courtney Loves Ted: Download

BPM #2-Courtney Loves Ted cover art

Second release from this crazed band who just keep getting better and more furious with every release. A short EP of seven tracks and only just over six and a half minutes long.

The first track is full of effects and strange voices with some great thrash being played and them the real insanity starts with the first real track, “Courtney Gave Ted Head”. This a fantastic song with manic vocals, and awesome playing that will get the pit going. The whole thing, other than the first track is a mosh inducing frenzy that will get you caught up in it and send you reeling.

These guys always make me smile and give my ears a treat. Grab this one and piss off someone you love.

https://www.facebook.com/blastphlegme  http://blastphlegme.bandcamp.com/


BPM: ​Slash Lost His Hat: Download

BPM #1-Slash Lost His Hat cover art

This band from Texas who choose to remain anonymous, have released seven short, fast blasts of energetic hardcore with a heavy dose of punk. They are going to be releasing a bunch of E.P.s online then they will compile them onto a CD.

The songs are short and to the point, no screwing around here at all. With only one song hitting over one minute and a half and the shortest being twenty-three seconds, the songs rage with anger and energy. They play a little sloppy, but its punk rock kids, get over it and enjoy the live sound that they captured. The songs have that old school, early ’80s sound that I love and it made me play the hell out of this.

A very cool recording that they shouldn’t be hiding their identities because of lack of quality, because this is a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to what they will come out with next.