VICTORY: Laced Up: 7″


This is the debut four song release from VICTORY, a street punk band from St Paul, Minneapolis. The band is composed of ex-members of THE SUBVERSIVES, EIGHTYSIXED, THE VIRGIN WHORES and PIST & BROKE.

This was so well promoted that it completely sold out one hour and 45 minutes after the preorder started and had a second pressing done…pretty damn sweet! “Laced Up” is about skinhead pride and you can hear the sincerity in the singer’s voice while the band rips things up behind him. “American Nightmare” is a song that wants to put the boots to shitty state of affairs in America for the working stiffs and is a damn fine angry song. “Glory Days” has a fantastic chorus, the band is playing with conviction and has you remember your glory days. “Real Heroes” opens with the “I love the smell of napalm…” sound bite from Apocalypse Now and was written by WWII veteran Corporal Joseph Piché who passed away in 2011. It is a very strong and intense song about fallen heroes and what they gave for the world.

With only four songs, it really leaves you wanting more and going back to re-listen to it again. They really are showing everyone how good Oi! can be and how powerful it can be to get your message out.

VICTORY: Victory Is Music:

Click for more from VictoryThis multi-instrumentalist from LA has put out one hell of a catchy album with hints of the 60s up to modern pop, with a bit of MIKA added to the mix, but not with Mika’s high pitched vocals, more like the feel of the album.

This is some great retro pop that as soon as I heard the first single “Play It” which is also in a commercial for Cadillac, I had to hear the rest of the album. The album will get you up and dancing around with the really well done music that Robert Fleming as VICTORY lays down, such a good job on this album from the production which is wide open to let all the sounds jump out at you, to the hard work Fleming did on his own. Songs like “Bad Man”, “This, That or This”, “Straight Line”, and “Lazy Art” crawl into your mind and take hold and stay with you long after the album is over.

I really am glad that I happened to check out a post I got sent to me about him or else I would be missing out on a terrific album, one that is full of energy and only slows on the last song, but by then you need the slower song to give you a rest from the party that the rest of the album is.