VALES: Clarity: 12″

This four piece band from Cornwall, England was originally called VEILS has put out their second EP with five songs. It’s a one-sided EP that was put out by Tangled Talk Records in the UK and Europe and now it’s available in North America for the first time.

They play dark, brooding hardcore, they are not all out speed demons on this release. The vocals get pretty close to screamo with the singer’s impassioned screaming taking center stage. The precise drumming in the background, mixed high on this release, the guitar work is very subtle in some parts, almost pretty, and then they crank it up and go hard and heavy. The production is good, with the band being mixed really well, everything is easily heard, from the quiet, subtle parts to the heavy, loud parts given their space. Multiple listens are a must to truly appreciate this record, a dark and aggressive record for the most part, with meaningful and intense lyrics, that sink in as you listen to the album over and over.

These guys put a lot of emotion and feeling into this release, as well as really good musicianship. Their debut album should be out in early 2013, definitely a band to keep an eye out for.