UNIFIER: Colorado: CD

This is the debut album from the band that used to be known as FUTURE GHOSTS until another band from Chicago served them a cease and desist letter to change their name.

This pop rock band has a bit of punk mixed in and really did a great job on this album with some tight playing and emotional singing that really set them apart from a ton of other bands mining the same field. There is a lot of melody on this album, but they still manage to have some heavy layers in the songs that add substance and punch to the songs. UNIFIER has put out an album that will satisfy your craving for something a little bit more than the average band and should get you in a good mood with the above average songs that they put on this album. Songs like “Crush,” “Traps,” “Bitter? Better,” “Colorado,” “Shame,” “Shadows,” and “Mission Control” stood out for me.

This was an album that no matter which song I started listening to, it was never a bad one, that’s some damn good quality.

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