TOMBSTONERS: Dissolution of Astral Order: CD

Dissolution of Astral Order cover art

This two-piece band, three when playing live, play heavy-duty death metal that will rattle your windows and get stuck in your ears after one listen. They’ve been around since 2006 and dropped their newest EP of blistering metal that makes you want to hear more from them.

This four song EP starts off with the intense first track “Sacrilegious Impiety”. With the booming bass, the heavy riffs, the pummeling drumming and the guttural vocals really grab you right from the start. They start on a high and just keep the intensity and energy going throughout the rest of the EP. As the EP plays on, you can hear the anger and aggression that these guys put out on this taste of their devastating songs. The production gives the songs more grit and a dirty sound, the only complaint is that I wish that the drumming was mixed a bit thicker and heavier, but it doesn’t take away from the intensity of these songs, it would only add to it.

With only four songs, you feel sad that it ends too quickly, but with continued support, these guys will get out and lay down some more tracks to head bang along to. I’m really looking forward to hearing more from them in the future, this was a definite pleasure to listen to.