THE THEADORA KELLY PROJECT made their debut in September 2011, with the release of “Indie Hipster Kid” and “The Meeting Song”. They play punk rock with energy and a biting sense of humor and are from the Los Angeles, CA area.

You get two great songs on this single, just enough to make you mad that there aren’t more songs from them because they fucking kick ass. “Indie Hipster Kid” is the definite highlight with the biting lyrics of how trendy these people are and how annoying they are. The guitar playing is quick and has some nice licks thrown out at you, the bass guitar has a nice fullness to it, the drumming is tight and Theadora Kelly’s vocals have the biting snottiness that the song begs for. “The Meeting Song” has more of a rock sound, but has, grit to it and a sense of menace in the singing and playing, kind of like on CONCRETE BLONDE’s “Bloodletting (The Vampire Song)”, but with lyrics about not putting up with anyone’s abuse anymore. Justine Kaye on bass, and backup vocals, plays deftly and gives some depth and fullness to the songs, R.E. King and backup vocals and Tony Sheppard both on guitars, uses their instruments to hit you square in the forehead with their power, but not overwhelming the integrity of the songs, Matthew Barreca gives the songs the strength and power to get your foot tapping and your ass shaking on the dance floor, and Kelly’s vocals are the true star of this single. She has the ability to take her sneering and snottiness to a level that is both bitter and sexy at the same time.

I need this band to put out more music! With only two songs, you get a sweet and bitter taste from this band, one that you want to keep on having until you’ve had your fill, but sadly, with only two songs, you’re left hungry and wanting more, so fill up my plate with more and let me feast on your bountiful delights.