BRIAN CONNOLLY’s THE SWEET: Let’s Do It Again (All the Hits and More)

After the break up of SWEET in the early 80′s Brian Connoly started a band called THE NEW SWEET, and other than that, he has released a lot of greatest hits for SWEET, probably because he  does not own the rights to the original music and wants to put out newer versions that he does own the rights to and sell them.

There are all of the hit and more as the title says on this collection of remakes that is a shock to see since Connolly died back in February 1997. That being said, the versions on here are all played faithfully with no surprises and I really enjoyed the collection a lot. I never bothered to get a collection of THE SWEET and then I got this sent to me, so this was a very cool treat. I really liked the versions on here and found that the playing was energetic and that Connolly’s vocals were really strong and he still had te ability to hit all of the notes.

If you want to get a collection of songs of THE SWEET, this is a really good collection and all of the obvious songs are here, “Little Willie”, “Ballroom Blitz”, “Wig Wam Bam” and of course “Fox On The Run”. It’s nice that his estate will get some money from this since a lot of these guys from the 60s and 70s got screwed out of their royalties.