Scan 271

THE RINDS are a rock ‘n’ roll / garage punk band from Oakland,  California who has released their debut album with ten tracks.

“Fakin’ It” is the first song on the album and it kicks things off with a RAMONES feel, but more snotty and sloppy…great start! “Ramma Lamma” is nice and dirty and gritty sounding, punk rock the way I like it, “Death By Satanic Cult” has gang vocals and some great leads, “Stray Bullet” has a great fast pace with buzz saw guitar playing and a chorus that sticks with you. There is a definite RAMONES / early punk rock sound to this that put a smile on my face and had my feet tapping and head nodding all of the way through it. “Best Friend” was another classic track that I just loved with the snotty singing and buzzing guitar with great leads thrown in. “Hangin’ On A Line” is super short, only twenty-five seconds long and really has that garage punk sound down pat, “Pissin’ On Yer Sneakers” is another great track that would sound great with the windows down and the sound cranked up, and “She Hits Like A Knockout” is a great punk song that will get you pogoing around your house like crazy.

Great debut with a ton of potential in the playing and writing on this album. The only flaw is that they need a tiny bit more work on the production to make things a bit more clear sounding. I mean, it wasn’t that bad, but I just wanted it to be a bit cleaner sounding, although that will not affect my enjoyment or multiple plays of their album. Go out and grab a copy, jump around, learn the lyrics and see them live, they’re worth it!