THE LIVESAYS: Hold On… Life Is Calling

The Livesays (pronounced “the le-vah-sees”), are a four piece band from Florida who play a mix of pop/rock, that has soulful vocals, catchy hooks, and tight playing. The vocalist/guitarist Billy Livesay, has toured with the E Street Band’s Clarence Clemons’ band Temple of Soul, releasing two albums, and the second one has Bruce Springsteen singing. Drummer Eddie Zyne has toured and recorded with Hall and Oates, Desmond Child and Rouge, the Monkees, Rick Derringer and Foghat. Victor “Cuqui” Berrios, who grew up in New York, and brings his Hammond B3 and impassioned vocals to the band. Bassist Jorge Laplume, originally from Havana, Cuba, brings a bass sound that is both funky and thunderous.

You can hear the talent that this band has as soon as you start to listen to the album. The songs are played with feeling, the band is tight, but never stiff, there is a lot of emotion put into the songs, especially on “It’s What I Have To Do.” The song has smooth vocals and you can hear the heartache just dripping throughout the song. “Pop Star” is a great fast paced song that will get you singing along to. Don’t think that is the only song to get you to sing along with, the album is chock full of catchy songs that will stick in your head for hours and make you want to listen to the album time and time again. The band has a feel of those great, good time songs from the ’80s and plays them like every one of them could be a single, and they all could be singles…they’re that good.

If this was another time, this album would be all over the radio, making your head bob along and getting stuck in your head, but radio sucks now and you have to find the good stuff on your own……..luckily, these guys found my ears and I’m thankful for the opportunity to play this over and over again. Grab a copy and make a blah day into a great day by just hitting play.