THE INVOLUNTARYS: I’d Rather Be A Faggot Than A Christian: CD

This is one really good punk album with goofy and even political lyrics like the title to the album, decrying the way the Christians knock down gay people and don’t want to give them any rights.

If some words offend you, then why do you listen to punk, because these guys need to get the idea of gays being crapped on out there. The album has a lot more depth than at first glance and it has great playing, with some awesome fast punk rock that just grabs you and starts to make you dance and jump around. They have a bit of a QUEERS feel to them, back when they were more punk than pop. The band has some nice buzz saw guitar work, bouncing bass, some hard-hitting drums and great vocals, that are clean and clear to hear the great lyrics, as well as the gang vocals that make you want to sing along with the band. This has a ton of melody and is catchy as hell, but is still some fast-moving music, that isn’t wimpy or limp at all, but has a lot of power and I still can’t believe how good the production is either, they left a bit of the grittiness on the songs to add to the serious lyrics that are mixed in with some goofy stuff.

This is totally recommended, go out and buy this one!