The Cone Johnson EP cover art

This super rare four song EP from 1981 is finally available again courtesy of Cheap Rewards Records. This re-release of their first single has been hotly anticipated and now you can hear this great piece of Ft Worth, Texas punk rock history without the record collector scum prices.

Yes this is amateurish, the playing is rudimentary, the production is mediocre and the British accent that was used seems forced, but damn…I loved this! The energy and enthusiasm that they show on this single makes me smile and the goofy lyrics fit in perfectly with the playing. You can hear that they were having a great time making this and with so many bands playing such bland, insincere music passing itself off as punk, this is a gem.

This is a great re-release that is dedicated to the late singer, Brad Stiles and gives the average fan a chance to hear what the fuss was about this band. Go out and grab a copy and support the label for going out and giving us the chance to hear great old, out of print punk rock.