THE HEX BOMBS: Collected Works: 2006 – 2013: Download

This collection is a download only and available outside of North America and showcases this fantastic street punk band’s tight and intense earlier releases. Twelve songs with great lyrics and power from this band from Kalamazoo, MI.

As soon as you hit play you get drawn into the intensity that this band gives to their songs. Every song is catchy, has a chorus that gets stuck in your head and has incredible gang vocals that will get you singing along to the album. This is the kind of stuff that puts a smile on my face and restores my faith in punk rock. There’s not a duff track on here and this is one of the few bands that constantly has one great release after another without any lowering of quality. From the production to the playing and the vocals, this is the real deal and every replay of this album just gets better. It makes me want to grab a pint, stand up and shout along with them and slam dance like a maniac.

I really can’t give this band enough praise, I love them and will be a fan forever. If you can grab a copy of this, or the original singles they put out, do it!!!

THE HEX BOMBS: None Shall Be Forgotten: 7″

None Shall Be Forgotten cover art

THE HEX BOMBS formed in 2006 in Kalamazoo, MI and have been putting out great music since then. This new two song single has the added bonus of Mike McColgan (STREET DOGS) lending his distinct vocal talents to the song “None Shall be Forgotten”.

Tight street punk with energy, gang vocals and harder than the steel toe Dr Martens that kick you in the head when you fall down drunk on the dance floor, the first song just blows you away. “None Shall be Forgotten” is one of the best songs that I’ve heard in a long time and the added vocals of McColgan just give it the extra edge that makes this an instant classic. The powerful playing, full of energy and the emotive singing all wrapped in a one of the catchiest songs ever…wow! Now with such a great start, you’d think that they couldn’t match it, but they do on the next track that just blazes. “Destination U.S.A.” is a great, biting song that rages from start to finish.

What a great single, two blistering songs that are some of the best music that I’ve heard all year, regardless of genre. You need this single, I need more from them, buy this so they can make more music…simple!