UVPRV25_The Fanatiques_EP

THE FANATIQUES ARE AN Oi! band from St Etienne, France the carry on the old school punk rock / Oi! sound from the late 1970s.

This three song single starts off with the snotty punk song “I Don’t Like You” which is a nice piece of bile spat at the people who THE FANATIQUES hate, which seems to be most people and the band hit the ground running with this one. “Where Are They Now” is another great tune with angry lyrics, tough playing, you can hear the sneer in the vocals, great guitar licks, rolling bass and drums that pound like crazy. The last track, “Where Have All The Bootboys Gone” is just a classic song that is played with energy and emotion, almost sadness in the vocal delivery.

This was definitely a nice old school single that brought back memories of when punk rock and Oi! were not too far removed from one another. It was a nice straight up single with power, conviction and a ton of talent that made this one a keeper.