From Berwyn, IL comes this three-piece rock-n-roll band where simple trashy guitar, driving bass & caveman drums form the basis of a glorious racket. Add in some B-52’S AND THE CRAMPS as well as some fuzzbox and you get the trashy garage rock that will infect your ears and the only cure is more music from them.

Two songs that get better the more you listen to them. “Shake It!” really will make you shake it with the pounding groove and the shouted lyrics will be easy to yell back at the band in concert. “In A Band” is a nice little banger of a tune telling us the way it is being in a band, but also pointing out that they love it.

This is one great little single that begs me to ask for more from them…I need more songs!!! A short and to the point pair of songs that will be played a lot around here.