TEREX TITAN is a four piece band from Aalborg, Denmark who formed in December of 2012 and play a groove laden, sludge tinged style of hardcore that is tight and brutal. This is the band’s debut eight song album and it’s a great listen from the start to the end.

The sludge is nice and thick, like sinking in quicksand and letting it draw you in, the hardcore is fast and furious and will get you moshing and the band really puts everything that they have into these eight songs. The vocals are a mix of screaming and guttural, the guitar playing is fast and full of great leads, huge drumming and fat bass guitar all give this a heaviness that sits in the awesome zone.

This shows how good they are, I put this on and even at eight songs and just over thirty minutes long, it felt too damn short and I had to play it again. A great debut that will get played a lot in my house, now you go out and buy a copy and do the same in yours!