ENDVADE: Ascension: CD

Ascension cover art

This band from Montreal, Quebec plays a tight and intense style of metal that incorporates core, progressive metal, technical metal and Djent all mixed together to melt your head. You get four songs on this EP and every one of them is a mosh fest that will get your head banging as soon as you start to listen.

Gruff, raspy vocals with thick bass, lots of leads, rhythm and pummeling drumming make up this set of songs with the band playing hard and heavy to get you to get your anger and frustrations out. These guys really get down to the nitty-gritty of the music and play with head down intensity and a pure love for what they are doing, no bullshit, just hard and crisp metal. The guitar and bass playing are the standouts with those two instruments giving us the best show on the EP. Not one song is bad, not one is boring, everything is a punch in the kidneys.

For only four songs, these guys pull off an EP that feels full and complete, not a second is wasted and it really sets you up to want to hear what’s next from them. These guys have put a ton of work into the tight sound and awesome production…more!

https://www.facebook.com/endvadeofficial  http://endvade.bandcamp.com/

SINDULGENCE: Recollections: CD


SINDULGENCE is an Experimental Metal band from Cape Town, South Africa that have been together since 2009. They released their debut twelve track album in June of 2012 independently and it also comes with a DVD about the band and the recording of their album.

The album begins with an instrumental called “Room 302” begins softly and with gentle music that slowly starts sounding ominous, then “Swindle” kicks in, a blistering track that has deep growling, guttural vocals from Muller Van Niekerk, and the raspy growl of bassist Byron Dinwoodie. The drumming from Michael Snyman is relentless, and guitarists Ryan Eberlin and Rodney Dosson weave the heavier lead and rhythm playing together with a deft touch. There are lots of great solos on this album, just pick a song and there will be one coming to blow you away in a few seconds, and the mixture of the two vocalists really helped break the monotony of a lot of other metal bands, the two distinct vocalists really took the songs off into a nice direction. “Thorns” is a fantastic song that has softer parts with clean vocals, super heavy parts with the guttural vocals, amazing solos, drumming that goes beyond the regular thump, thump, thump, but has energy and power that is tempered with a delicate touch, and the heavy bass gives the song its depth. For a debut album, these guys play like veterans and show a technical side that doesn’t overpower the songs, it adds to them, and the production is clear and free of murkiness that creeps up on a lot of recordings. Some of the other songs that stood out were, “Poverty and Hand Grenades”, “The March Hare”, “Wine of the Gods”, “Keith” and “Dying To Live”. You also have another instrumental called “Conventus Kharon” that is reminiscent of the first song with its ominous overtones.

For a debut album, this was a great journey that I was lucky enough to be invited on since it took me to the land of SINDULGENCE, and the tour guide was very good. If this is how the band starts off their career, watch out, because they will be out to make you their fan if it takes them one more album…that you had better buy as well as this one.


ADRENECHROME: Hideous Appetites: CD

Hideous Appetite cover art

This independent band from Orillia, Ontario Canada put out this seven song EP of thrash, heavy metal, and crossover with some progressive and technical metal all mashed together. You would think that with all of those styles, that this would be a mess, thankfully they do one hell of a job in pulling it off.

The first song “Titan’s Fall” fits those styles together perfectly and it’s one great start to an album of more depth than you would typically hear from bands playing this kind of music. There is the technical and heavy guitar playing mixed with a bit of prog, bass hammering away, drumming that is fast and bouncy as well as heavy, and the gang vocals mixed with vocalist and guitar player Chris Friesen are great. As a Canadian transplant, I really liked the take off on the Canadian national anthem with the lyric, “We stand on guard, but not for thee”, classic! Tim Kehoe on guitar and Friesen really take the guitar playing seriously and show their technical skills and they do a fantastic job mixing melodic elements into their sound as well which made the well written songs stay stuck in your head after the album ended. The heavy bass throughout the album gives the band’s music a nice groove, something that thrash bands usually don’t do at all. “Winds Of The Void” shows of the proficiency and prog influences really well, it was a slower song with a lot of ambience added to the song, but still heavy, then you get “Locust Wings” which continues the heavy music mixed with even more prog influences.

This is an album that was more than just a thrash metal album, with the skill that ADRENECHROME have and the ability to blend genres together, this is an album that will please different types of metal fans and should be in your collection. For a band that’s been around only since 2010, these guys are the real deal.

https://www.facebook.com/Adrenechrome   http://adrenechrome.bandcamp.com/

BROUGHT BY PAIN: The Dreamer’s Will: CD

<br />Brought by Pain - The Dreamer

Progressive death metal from Montreal, QC played hard and heavy on the nine tracks that they have laid down on their debut album. One member of BEYOND  CREATION, Kevin Charté on guitar is also a member of BROUGHT BY PAIN.

They use a lot of technical ability on this album, lots of incredible guitar fret work that shows the talent that Olivier Bourbonnais-Allaire and Charté have being able to intertwine their playing so well together to create the fantastic riffs and the changing time signatures that are used so well on this album. The drumming is fast and intense, so much so that you think that Gabriel Choinière Fortin would get tired out, but he just keeps on going, Energizer bunny, eat your heart out! Vocalist Samuel Ouimet has terrific evil sounding guttural vocals that add to the overall sound especially mixed with the higher vocals blended with his lower register and Brendan Dean on bass lays the heaviness on thick. The production is surprisingly clear and helps you get a good earful of the skill that these musicians have, they really have a lot of talent and show it on this great album.

This isn’t going to convert you if you’re not a fan of this style of music, but if you have an open mind, and / or a fan of this style of metal, you have found your manna. Pick this one up and prepare to be blown away.

https://www.facebook.com/broughtbypain    http://broughtbypain.bandcamp.com/   http://broughtbypain.ifmerch.com/en/