SUGAR LOVE HONEY: Self-titled: Digital Download


This four piece band plays a mix of hard rock with some alternative mixed in and are based in both New York, NY and Los Angeles, CA. Featuring Kevin Delaney’s deft guitar playing and Brent Pettersson’s piercing vocals, along with bassist Freddy Villano and drummer Jackie Ramos.

First track and single “Do Me Right” kicks things off with some impressive guitar playing and strong drumming along with melodic vocals and a catchy chorus that made this a great opener. This was one of those songs that you close your eyes and nod your head along to and just get lost in the band’s playing. “Thanks So Much” is a great rock song with another catchy chorus and the band creating a racket that puts a smile on your face, it almost has an AOR sound that would be another great choice for a single. “Explode Like Sun” comes at you with such bombast, then you get a nice quiet bit, almost into the grunge style, but keeping itself in the rock side, especially with the blazing guitar solo. “Darkness Is My Friend” is a very nice slow song that had some great violin added by Susan Mitchell that gave the song a sense of sadness that vocals alone could not have done. “Abra Melin” is an instrumental featuring just acoustic guitar and violin and was a great way to add onto the previous song. “Drive” brings us back to the hard rock and some chugging guitar, and a nice groove from the drums and bass. The band really shows their ability to play intricately and with finesse on this album, as well as having an ear for catchy hooks that stick with you. The obvious fun that they are having is easily heard on the songs, the emotion and strength of these songs took them into the realm of a more experienced band.

This was an album that shows that you can put out an album that stands with the big boys, you just need to put the effort into writing strong songs and play from the heart, something that this band has done in spades. Go and download this album and let their talent inspire you to do your best as well.