STONE MAGNUM: Self-titled: LP

Formed in the fall of 2010, Michigan City, Indiana’s STONE MAGNUM has released their debut album of epic doom metal.

This carries on where the good BLACK SABBATH albums left off. These guys take from that template and have made an album that is heavy, plodding, but in a good sludgy way and added some faster parts and ran with it. The first song “Fallen Priest” has that SABBATH with OZZY fronting them sound and it rocks! This album is loaded with mid-paced doom, the guitar has some great leads, the drums and bass are nice and thick and the singer has a great growler of a voice on some songs and more melodic on others. The production is dense, but you can still hear the leads in the background on the heavier songs.

This is an album of some epic and heavy music, which has a classic sound and feel to it. This truly is a band that can play with some of the classic bands and hold its own.!__bio