STEEL CITY: Now It’s Time: CD












Steel City got together back in 2010 in Italy and has put out their debut album of ten tracks of alternative metal.
The first track is an intro to the album and it starts off slow and low which builds anticipation for what’s to come. It sounds like a motorcycle ramping up, then the guitars and the synthesizer comes in which kind of hits you in the face and sets the tone for the album later on. It’s a short track, but it packs a lot into a minute and some odd seconds. “Now It’s Time” is guitar heavy with the vocals gradually coming in, and then it hits you in the face. It goes quiet then the guitar and vocals come in, and even though the screaming is mixed in, I won’t say its screamo, but its more yelling, but the singing parts are really on par, its heavy metal/screamo and it works somehow. “I Don’t Belong” starts out with high energy guitar, a more heavy sound, more singing at the beginning, there’s more yelling in this one, opposed to the screaming, and it has a darker under tone than the previous one. It’s five minutes and ten seconds long and it’s a rich track, not flat at all, the guitars do scales in this track and it’s not a filler, but it’s a key part to the track. “Last Evolution” has a drum base at the beginning then the guitar comes in and the two harmonize. The vocals are low and dark, yet rich and powerful, it sounds controlled, constricted, but not in the “I don’t know what I’m doing, so I’m going to do this so it will sound cool,” sort of way, but it provides richness, power, and the dark energy that is needed to pull this track off. It does have some screaming mixed in, but it’s not overpowering the overall sound. This one is almost four minutes and every second was packed full of energy, and raw power. “No One’s Guilty” has high energy drums and guitar, no its not high energy, its frantic energy, it’s chaotic, it has screaming mixed in which it needs, the vocals overall just drip with power, it’s in your face, head banging raw energy. It’s overall a fast paced track and it works, it’s three and a half minutes worth of hand banging goodness. “Mandragora” is vocal based, with high energy burst of guitar, screaming is a common theme in this album, it’s not so much in your face, but it’s not something you can ignore, it makes its presence known to all. It’s not dark sounding, just heavy metal sounding, and almost five minutes and a half of strong imagery that rocks you to the core. “Under Your Face” has high energy guitar, it too rocks you to the core, the vocals aren’t the leading sound, but it’s right there behind the guitars which plays out nicely. The guitars are the real stars of this track, it’s powerful, it stirs up raw emotions, but in a good way, it’s not a track to mess with, it’s a beast. Some screaming in it, but not a whole lot, this track commands respect. “Where Is My Home?” is a total different sounding song, softer, more quiet, it’s not high energy or in your face in the beginning, but it’s none the less powerful. It stirs up the rawest emotions so far, it’s sad sounding, and it’s the longest track so far at six minutes and twenty two seconds. “Faster” is guitar based, the most powerful sounding track on the album, high energy, raw sounding, and about even with the screaming and singing. It has a dark undertone, which smacks you in the face when it starts playing, it’s frantic, and it’s just about five minutes long. Its hard-hitting metal, mostly in your face, better live in concert track, and going as fast as they can is the point of this track, but it’s needed on this album. “Black Heart Monster Tears” is guitar heavy, it’s deep, dark, sounding, it oozes raw power, demands respects for a price, no screaming at the beginning, it messes with the senses and provokes raw emotions and thoughts to come to the surface. It has a different sound, a different taste to it than the other tracks, sounds like the bands wants to finish the album off with a strong, powerful track which they succeeded in doing.

An album of power and thrills that will make your neck ache from all of the head banging, but it’s all worth it.

Review by: Amy East