This five-piece band from Chicago, IL plays post hardcore mixed with electronica and pulls it off. Two genres that have a ton of energy and have layers of sounds on their own mix together to take the anger and energy to another level.

The album has the traditional aggressive sound of both genres and pushes them together to take on a whole new fierce sound that kicks up the energy up a few notches. The songs come at you hard and fast, but the added electronica gives the songs more textures and depth that not only get your head banging, but your feet taping too. It does remind me of the experiments in the late ’90s that bands were trying to do, but this seems to work really well. Tight played songs, great dual vocals, one clean and one screamed that mix together well, powerful drumming, thick bass guitar, and the heavy riffing all added to the well thought out songs really grabs you. The standout tracks were “Catharsis (Feat. Garret Rapp)”, “Broncos In The Basement”, “Branches”, “Segments”, and “The Octothorpe”.

The album was a very cool mixture of two sides of a coin that would normally not be put together, but they managed to pull it off. This is an album that would sound mega-huge in a club played really loud.