DIRTY FINGERS: 250 Dollars

Dirty Fingers is a band from Verona, Italy which was formed back in 2010. After various line-up changes over the years, they released their debut album of gritty hard rock.

Well, with a name like Dirty Fingers, taken from guitar pickups, how would you think these guys sound ? Gritty, sleazy, grimy……..and dirty. I was floored while listening to the album, with song after song becoming better than the last and the band just hitting their stride, it was a treat. So many great solos throughout the entire album made you wonder if they would run out, but no, they just tossed out more riffs. The vocals are perfect, just enough grime and bite to them, the production is done well, with a clarity, but not a smoothing out and the rest of the band adds depth with harmonica, and the tight bass lines and powerful drumming. The sound is a bit of Motorhead and Nashville Pussy, but they manage to make this their own beast, one that isn’t tame and going to cuddle with you, it may just tear you apart.

The mix of hard rock, sleaze, metal and a touch of southern rock is a deadly combination that you will fall onto your knees and worship them for it. This is a band to watch out for, because once you get a taste of them, you can’t stop.






SUN GODS IN EXILE: Thanks For The Silver: CD

Thanks For The Silver cover art

Formed in early 2008 in Portland, Maine this group of guys play southern influenced hard rock that grabs you and kicks ass right from the start. With hints of AC/DC, some boogie, some blues, LYNYRD SKYNYRD, and other shit-kicking bands, they have formulated a mixture of their influences to create a sound that is infectious and heartfelt.

The guitars of Tony D’Agostino and Adam Hitchcock burn through riffs and terrific solos, bassist John Lennon and drummer John Kennedy lock in the grooves as much as they stomp, and Chris Neal brings keys, slide and harp to the mix. Hitchcock’s rough-and-ready vocals allows him to sing as much as growl through these tightly played songs. The southern fried boogie of “Nobody Knows”,  the blues of “Climb Down”, the balladry of the title track, all exude heart on the sleeve approach to their craft. “Hammer Down”, “Writing’s On the Wall”, and “I Buried My Bitch’s Car” have energy and enough guitar playing to satisfy the most picky of fans of southern rock.

This band has taken the southern rock sound and brought it up north and still managed to keep that swampy, blues boogie feel alive. This is a terrific album, the kind that should be played on radio, but won’t because of how sad radio is now, not because of the quality of this album because this is top quality tunage!

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sun-Gods-in-Exile/220671716084  http://sungodsinexile.com/

https://www.facebook.com/smallstonerecords  http://smallstone.bandcamp.com/


MOLLY HATCHET: Paying Tribute: CD

MOLLY HATCHET recorded this album back in 2008 to pay tribute to their old favorites and is a mix of songs by ZZ TOP, MOUNTAIN, THIN LIZZY, THE ROLLING STONES and THE EAGLES, GEORGE THOROGOOD, ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND, as well as three live bonus tracks from MOLLY HATCHET’s back catalog. The band was at the time; Bobby Ingram and Dave Hlubeck (sole original member), guitars, vocalist Phil McCormack, bassist Tim Lindsey, drummer Shawn Beamer and keyboard player John Galvin.

The band gives us songs from bands that both influenced them and they loved and did them up the HATCHET way. Lots of muscular playing on the songs with them playing them fairly straight forward and with true affection for what they are doing. The guitars shine, Phil McCormack’s voice is in top-notch form, and Beamer’s drumming really shines as well. They really do a great job going from style to style, giving every song the care that they deserve from a band that never fails to deliver. The live songs are top-notch as well, great sound and performance made them a treat and I was glad that they added them as a bonus.

If you are a fan of either MOLLY HATCHET or of the original songs, this is a great collection and shows just how versatile the band is by choosing obvious, but a great selection of tracks. This is one release that rocks from start to finish and is recommended.

Track List
Sharp Dressed Man (ZZ TOP)
The Boys Are Back in Town (THIN LIZZY)
Desperado (THE EAGLES)
Bad to the Bone (GEORGE THOROGOOD)
Dreams I´ll Never See (ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND)
Mississippi Queen (MOUNTAIN)
Tequila Sunrise (THE EAGLES)

Live Bonus racks
Whiskey Man
Beatin´ the Odds
Flirtin´ with Disaster

https://www.facebook.com/mollyhatchetband  http://www.mollyhatchet.com/

https://www.facebook.com/massacrerecordseurope  http://www.massacre-records.com/index.asp


Southern rock from Italy with touches of stoner and doom metal, plus banjo…yes, banjo.

These guys put out some mighty tasty riffs on this album, chunky and thick guitar, heavy rolling bass guitar, pounding drums, very peppy and bouncy banjo, as if you could make it sound anything else but, and deep, raw vocals from HM Outlaw. Outlaw really lays down the sound of southern rock with his blues drenched vocal delivery, and the guitar work by Daniele Zoncheddu has that bluesy, swamp guitar sound found in southern rock. This is a pretty heavy album, make no mistake about it, they aren’t playing it light, they are throwing down the heavy beats on here and it comes out beautifully. They cover MOUNTAIN’s “Mississippi Queen” that is super hard and heavy, but retains what made the original good and builds on it and makes it into one thick sounding song with the heavy bass and the driving guitar as well as the gruff vocals.

There are a ton of guitar leads on here that will have you picking up your air guitar and go for broke learning the licks. One awesome album that will grab you from the moment you put it on.

https://www.facebook.com/Tombstone.Highway  https://www.facebook.com/agoniarecords  https://www.agoniarecords.com/