Drive Slow cover art

This band from Ferndale, Michigan got together back in 2012 when their previous band broke up. This is their debut full length album.

Loud, fast paced, punk, vocals are mostly yelling, it’s rough around the edges, not really smooth in the usual sense, but with the roughness and sort of choppiness to it, but overall it works. It’s for a rough, in your face crowd that’s looking to get worked up in a craze, then start rioting just for the fun of it. It would really work as late night music for a small, packed venue with people in leather jackets bouncing of the walls drinking, smoking, and whipping about, all in a really good time.

This is great for someone that’s really into the punk scene. It’s really good partying music for the late night crowd who follows this genre.

Review by: AMY EAST