New Jersey straight edge hardcore punks THE MONGOLOIDS return with their third album Mongo Life and the band is hard and heavy with ten catchy and memorable songs and one short quiet instrumental intro and an acoustic title song.

When I first put the album on and the opening track “Smoke Signals” came on with its quiet and gentle guitar playing, I thought that I had put the wrong album on, the song is nice, but it wasn’t what I was expecting, I guess that you could actually say it was a smoke screen for the rest of the album. The next song “Live This Way” kicks in and then I knew what to expect, Lee Ving from FEAR inspired vocals, crunchy guitars, strong bass work, driving drums and songs that stick with you better than gum on your shoes in summer. The album grabbed me and it became song after song of instant classics that had me wanting a pit to slam in, but my cats didn’t seem to be interested, so I just tapped my feet, banged my head and rocked out to the great music that THE MONGOLOIDS laid down on this album. These guys really played tight on this album, even mixing in some different tempos in their songs with an ease that shows that THE MONGOLOIDS are a better band than a lot of their peers and would blow away other lesser bands on stage.

I was hoping that this was going to be a good album and they surpassed my expectations by miles. I’m now going to beg for their older releases because these guys kick ass and this is a great album.