SINDULGENCE: Recollections: CD


SINDULGENCE is an Experimental Metal band from Cape Town, South Africa that have been together since 2009. They released their debut twelve track album in June of 2012 independently and it also comes with a DVD about the band and the recording of their album.

The album begins with an instrumental called “Room 302” begins softly and with gentle music that slowly starts sounding ominous, then “Swindle” kicks in, a blistering track that has deep growling, guttural vocals from Muller Van Niekerk, and the raspy growl of bassist Byron Dinwoodie. The drumming from Michael Snyman is relentless, and guitarists Ryan Eberlin and Rodney Dosson weave the heavier lead and rhythm playing together with a deft touch. There are lots of great solos on this album, just pick a song and there will be one coming to blow you away in a few seconds, and the mixture of the two vocalists really helped break the monotony of a lot of other metal bands, the two distinct vocalists really took the songs off into a nice direction. “Thorns” is a fantastic song that has softer parts with clean vocals, super heavy parts with the guttural vocals, amazing solos, drumming that goes beyond the regular thump, thump, thump, but has energy and power that is tempered with a delicate touch, and the heavy bass gives the song its depth. For a debut album, these guys play like veterans and show a technical side that doesn’t overpower the songs, it adds to them, and the production is clear and free of murkiness that creeps up on a lot of recordings. Some of the other songs that stood out were, “Poverty and Hand Grenades”, “The March Hare”, “Wine of the Gods”, “Keith” and “Dying To Live”. You also have another instrumental called “Conventus Kharon” that is reminiscent of the first song with its ominous overtones.

For a debut album, this was a great journey that I was lucky enough to be invited on since it took me to the land of SINDULGENCE, and the tour guide was very good. If this is how the band starts off their career, watch out, because they will be out to make you their fan if it takes them one more album…that you had better buy as well as this one.