SICKOIDS: Self-titled: 12″

S/T LP cover art

This is Philadelphia, PA’s SICKOIDS debut album out on Residue Records. Ten mostly short and intense songs of hardcore fury to blow your hair back and knock you on your ass.

The band comes at you full force on these ten songs and you can just try to hold on as the punishing grooves overtake you. The band has elements of DIE KREUZEN and ARTICLES OF FAITH, but they takes those building blocks and run with it, making their own sound. As you listen to the album, numerous things jump out at you, the incredible drumming, the insane vocals, the guitar playing that has a hint of THE DEAD KENNEDYS in it and the massive low-end from the bass guitar.

This has the makings of a classic album, one that takes from the past and brings it into the present with power and raw emotion. A great release and I’m looking forward to hearing more from them in the future.

DAYLIGHT ROBBERY: Ecstatic Vision: 12″

Ecstatic Vision LP cover art

This three-piece band from Chicago, IL play punk rock with a nice heavy dose of post punk mixed in along with a bit of Exene Cervenka vocal stylings. Ten tracks on their sophomore album that get better with every listen and with dal male and female vocals, it really stands out from the crowd.

Laying down some nice thick and throbbing bass lines, a touch of surf guitar, hard-hitting drums and the dual vocals really grabbed my attention and made me listen to this a lot before I started writing this review. The songs have so much energy and excitement running through them that it’s hard to sit still while playing this album. The fun that the band is having on this album is infectious and it puts a smile on your face and forces you into a good mood. This has the sound and feel of the albums that I loved back in the ’80s, around ’84 – ’86 and would have been a perfect album to put on mix tapes back then, but it still sounds great now, refreshing actually.

I was so pleasantly surprised to hear this album and find another band that I will have to find all of their recordings now. Great album from start to finish and really, you just need to go out and buy this one today.

SACRED SHOCK: You’re Not With Us: 12″

Sacred Shock - You’re Not With Us LP

From Austin, TX comes SACRED SHOCK featuring members and ex-members of HATRED SURGE, ARMY OF JESUS, IRON AGE, and THE YOUNG. This is their debut full length album with eleven blistering hardcore songs.

This album has the makings of a great skate soundtrack with songs that have fast guitar licks whipped off, hammering drums, screamed vocals, and thundering bass.Every song is like a punch in the throat, one strong punch after another and you keep listening and liking it more and more even though you know it’s too much for you to take. I’ve played this a few times now and it gets better every time.

Grab your deck, start a pit, just put this one on and do some kind of crazed action when you listen to it. A definite treat and one that will be played a lot in my house.


This Chicago, IL three-piece plays gritty, angry punk rock on this three song single.

A nice raw, bitter collection of songs with hard guitar riffs, a steady, pounding drumbeat, rumbling bass, and coarse vocals. Each song blows past you and grabs you by the throat with the aggression and hard-hitting punk that they play on this EP.

With only three songs, you won’t get bored, but you will have to get up and flip it over because you will want to play it a lot. Grab a copy and get some exercise by playing it over and over again.