THE CLASS ASSASSINS: The Addiction & The Solution: Download

The Addiction & The Solution cover artFormed in 2001 in Toronto, Ontario THE CLASS ASSASSINS and play anthemic, sing-a-long, melodic street punk that will stick in your ear holes and won’t get shook out.

This two song single is being released online only, which kind of sucks because I like to actually own the physical copies of my music, but with such a great band like THE CLASS ASSASSINS, I will forgive this crime…this time! It starts off with “The Addiction” which has the power that I expect from their releases, great gang vocals, raspy lead vocals, chiming guitar playing that has a touch of THE CLASH to it, pounding drums, bass playing that fits perfectly in tune with the drumming and a chorus that is huge, and “The Solution” starts off with some acoustic guitar, some feedback and then the band kicks you in the teeth with its hard-hitting street punk that has great gang vocals, and playing that will get you moving whether you want it to or not, and you will comply to their music and move your ass.

With the great lyrics and their talent at playing, this is a release that needs to be heard by a lot of people, tell your friends to go and get this download and play it loud and proud. Every time I see something new from this band, I must get it, they are that good!

BORN WRONG: Canadian Punk Rock That Kicks Ass!

born wrong band

I had the great pleasure to do an email interview with a great hardcore band from my hometown of Hamilton, Ontario Canada. Yes, hosers from the Great White North!

I previously reviewed their split single here…

They are politically motivated and really pissed off at a lot of things like religion, war and people’s apathy about things going on in the world today. They put out their debut split vinyl release with Kleins96 on Rebel Time Records released in 2012, and it’s a great release…go get it!

Check out their websites and their label’s.


What/who got you into punk at first?

S- not really sure… I was always a weird kid… especially in elementary school…it seemed different from all the regular stuff I was used to hearing/seeing.

J- Refused is who did it for me. They were the first band I heard who didn’t just have songs about love or partying. They opened my eyes to a lot of music, ideas, issues, politics, etc.

What styles/types of punk did you listen to at first and do you still listen to those types/styles today?

S- tonnes of dead kennedys, misfits, propagandhi… pretty popular bands for punk at the time… didn’t really dig to deep until after my first years of highschool. Got into oi for a while in highschool as well. I still listen to some of it.

M – In grade 7 I became enamored with Rancid and spent all my time learning Matt Freeman’s bass parts… then started checking out other bands and branching out from there.

siestaWhat bands were you in before this and do you still hang out with those people/have music from them still?

S- I was in a punk band with some friends when we were 15 called blindfold-carl… I personally never got super serious about a band until this one to be honest.

Brandon – I was in a band called Die Hard Losers that played with blindfold carl a few times. I can remember a backyard show where a drunk Scott stumbled up to me and professed his love. We had no idea our paths would cross again. I was in Vatican chainsaw massacre briefly.

M – too many to list. But about 5 years ago I was in a band called Chicago Gang Wars that played a show with CJ’s old band Slides in Burlington. It’s an oddly vivid memory.

How did you guys get together?

S- Cj and I have been friends since we were 15 or 16… played in one punk/indie style band in high school and probably should have ever since but I took a long break from music until I turned like 20? Brandon was in bands around Hamilton for a while so we knew him from that scene. Fong is Cj’s good buddy’s brother who happens to love punk rock and rip bass. John just joined the band. He’s in another Hamilton hc band called debt’d.

B- I remember hearing about born wrong and checking out their website. I was instantly floored by them and started a punk band to play with them… and then they asked me to fill in on drums, obviously fearing the competition.

M – I hadn’t played in a punk band, or really even listened to punk in a while, but when CJ asked me if I’d be into playing and coming out on tour, it just seemed like a good idea. When I heard the recordings later that night I didn’t have to think twice about joining up.

J- A friend of mine showed me Born Wrong and I listened to it for days. I then went to see them at a house show (coincidentally with Brandon’s other band) and I was in awe. But I believe Kelsey from Snake Charmer, who knew me from Debt’d, referred me to Scott. So when Scott asked me to join, I naturally jumped on the opportunity.

What kind of jobs do you guys have?punchposter

S- believe it or not I work with kids haha. I work at 2 different community centers in Hamilton. One part-time while I’m at school and another every summer where I work at a breakfast club and work at an organic garden. None of the kids are allowed to hear our band. They’ll throw their lives away.

M- I work at a print shop that has a bit of a focus on music… CD duplication, packaging, etc.

J- I work in a warehouse

Who does the writing of the music/lyrics?

S- its somewhat collaborative… Cj and I put together our riffs and I write the lyrics… Brandon writes the drums… john just joined so he’s not allowed to do anything yet and Fong is way to busy eating Gelato.

B- From an outsider’s perspective, the way the two of them put songs together is awesome. Scott writes ridiculous ripping riffs and CJ refines and crafts them while injecting his own twisted riffs into the mix.

What kind of process is it?

S- an excruciating one

What kind of lyrics do you guys mostly write about and why?

S- a mix between politics, personal feelings. I write about politics just because I’m always reading and writing about them and feel strongly about some things. They’re important to the lyrical content but also aren’t exactly

How long are yours tours?

S- Not long enough. Ha-ha. The one tour we’ve done so far was a week and a half in the US and a week in Canada, mostly Quebec. The tour we’re going on in May will be almost three in the US.

montrealshowposterDo you play a lot of shows?

S- We play a whole lot. We’ve been a band for a year we’ve id say we’ve played anywhere from 50-60 shows.

Who have you played with?

S-Always playing shows with our Hamilton friends in Snake Charmer and with a great band out of London called The Syndrome pretty often. When we toured we played with a lot of rad bands. Ancient Filth, Neo Cons, Punch and a whole bunch more

Farthest shows from home?

Washington DC

Best show that you’ve played?

S- my favorite was the show with Neo Cons at death house in Montreal. Also maybe the show we played at the Digby house in Windsor. Steve from Windsor who lives there is one rad dude for real.

B- the neo cons show is definitely up there for me too. Non stop somersaults.

M – yep, the Montreal show.


How often do you get together to practice/write new songs?

S- weekly… we had to lay off writing for a while because we changed our back line… and then added John. We’re back on track now just demo’d some new stuff.

Do you play any covers in the show?

S- used to play a Cro-Mags cover.

B- I put a stop to that.

Favourite song to play?

S- Heretic a new one.

B- Party Banter

M- I’m pretty stoked about a new one called Holding Cell.

J- No Etiquette

Least favourite song to play?

S- any covers really.

Any bonehead violence/attitudes from so-called fans?

S- not really bonehead stuff… there are always people criticizing any band who says anything political… its usually people who agree with us that oddly enough try to make waves or point fingers.

Favourite beer/least favourite beer?

S- free beer

J- Steamwhistle for sure

How long did the recording of the ep take?

S- the new one took a month or so just because we did it with Mike Fong at MCS studios in Toronto so we’d have to keep going back and forth from Hamilton to Toronto. The split EP took a weekend to do at Boxcar Studios in Hamilton.

Any stories about the making of it?

S- not really both engineers are really rad dudes. Mike Fong and Sean Pearson

Stories about the songs on your ep?

S- I think they speak for themselves… I never really write to cryptic.

How did you pick the songs for that release?

S- ha-ha they were written.

Any more new releases coming out in the future?

S- In April we’ll be releasing a self-titled 7”… really stoked about it.

J- Also featured on a crime themed compilation being put out by Schizophrenic Records

What is available now and where can we get it?

S- There is 10” split with a band from out west called Kleins 96. You can get it from us or order it online from a few sources.

Any shirts/pins/patches available?jersey

M- we have shirts and pins, yeah

Anyone in another band?

B – Fong plays in a band called Blastronaut, John plays in a band called Debt’d and I have another band called Crop Failure.
S- They have to quit all their other bands soon though.

Releases of the other bands?

B- I think we’ve all released tapes and stuff.

M- a Blastronaut EP is coming out in March.
S- that’s what you think

Where do you see the band going in the future?

S- going to the US east coast in May again. Going to be in Ohio for a couple shows… we didn’t go there last year… otherwise it’s the same route just more shows.

Anyone vegetarian / vegan, why or why not?

B- I think Fong is on a strictly gelato diet.

M- I’m vegan, so gelato and cardboard. That’s all we are allowed to eat, right?

Anyone political, why or why not?

S- I always try to support organizations in Hamilton that I have similar politics with. Common Cause, an anarchist group out of Hamilton does a lot of rad work. Check out their publication “Linchpin” if you get a chance. I’m not as involved as I’d like. They’ve got some cool stuff going on though.


S- Thanks Rick.