What we have here is a split 7″ with two bands that are similar enough to warrant being together, but different enough to stand out from each other. There are six songs on here and it’s on purple vinyl.

 First up is KRUDS from San Antonio, TX with four songs that use a lot of samples either before the song or after the song that could have been left off and probably all the better of it. You get samples from Mike Tyson and COMPTONS MOST WANTED which I will cut off of the cd I will make of this single. KRUDS kick things off with some growling vocals, and some crazy fast metal / thrash that is really big on the metal. They fire through their four songs adding in some dual vocals here and there and basically rip it up. RAMPANT DECAY from Providence, RI who are faster and more metal based than KRUDS are. They have two tracks to get their anger and venom out and they sure do! The tracks are a blur of speed, barely decipherable vocals and all out craziness. 
These two bands go together fairly well on here, I like the KRUDS songs a bit more, but both do a good job of showing us what they’re made out of. If you are a fan of really metal based music with some hardcore underpinnings, then this one is for you.