THE DORADOS ROCKABILLY TRIO: Conflicto de Espacio Blanco: CD

These Colombian rockabilly maniacs put out six songs in English and Spanish on their debut album, including an ode to Bettie Page and do a pretty good job doing it too.

Rockabilly has never been a hugely popular genre down in Columbia, but these guys rip out some tight sounding songs that bring back some feel of the 50s with their music. It’s nice to hear that they also sang in their native language on here because it gets boring to hear bands forcing themselves to conform just to be heard, I might not understand what they’re singing, but I still rocked out to them. They have a very raw feel to them on this album which is cool; you can tell they aren’t slick pretenders, but guys really into this style of music.

They are good players and the production is a bit raw, but I think it sounds good on this album; a bit of grittiness brings out a bit more emotion from them. I think that with some time, these guys will just get better, but this is a really good beginning for them.


This is the new band started by Alex Blue, the former rhythm guitarist for psychobilly band CALAVERA and this debut album has twelve songs of rock with a punk edge at times.

Blue got together with Jerico Navas on Guitar, Ito Castillo on Bass and Joseph Torres on Drums and put literally everything into this recording by selling his car to finance this and had to walk part of the twenty-five miles to the studio occasionally, but in the end, he found it worth every bit of his sacrifices. He got John Avila who has produced OINGO BOINGO and REEL BIG FISH, to do the duties on this album and it has great production with everything sounding clear and full, especially since the band spent six months in pre-production to make sure it came out the way that they wanted it to. There are some nice fast rock songs on here with some great guitar work and drumming on them, the bass fills out the sound nicely, but they just don’t do the rockin’ tunes on here, they have some really nice slower songs on here, like “Scars Of Pleasure” with it’s beautiful piano, great lyrics and Blue’s haunting vocals.

This band really did an excellent job on this album and I hope that they get a ton of people out to see them and picking this up, it’s going to be one of those albums that I’m going to keep going back to and listen to it all over again.