CHOOSE YOUR POISON / NU, POGODI!: Fuck My Womb I’m Calling In Dead Split: 7″

Five song split single from CHOOSE YOUR POISON from Appleton, WI and NU, POGODI! from Leeds, UK. Both bands giving their everything on these five songs and destroying whatever gets in their way.

Kicking things off is CYP with “Calling in Dead / Damage Is Done” which is one devastating track that reminded me of DAYGLO ABORTIONS a bit with the crazed playing and shouted lyrics, and “Enter The Coma” is the last of their tracks and completes the skate punk / thrash / metal mix that made me sad that hardly anyone plays this style anymore and nowhere as good as they do. The next three songs from NU, POGODI! come at you like a wailing banshee fronting a whirlwind. Lots of screaming, machine gun drumming, riffs aplenty and deep bass all add up to a thrash / crust / punk fest that will leave you wanting more.

Two bands that totally killed it on this release and blew me away with the anger and energy that they both possess. This is the kind of single that you put on and a pit breaks out and sweeps you in and knocks you on your ass. Great stuff!

DEFCON ZERO: Music For Gluesniffers, Terrorists & The Mentally Ill: CD

DEFCON ZERO emerged in 2006 and are a hardcore punk band from London, England. They released their debut EP Rats in 2006 on Never Healed Records and on the 5th of November, the band released their first full length, sixteen track album on Pumpkin records.

“Braindead” starts the album with some dirty and devastating punk that makes you think of GBH when they were Charged and not a metal band. Thick, and distorted with gang vocals and shouted lead vocals with a wall of sound so impenetrable that the rainforest doesn’t have anything on these guys. “Welcome to London” is a mix of GBH’s “City Baby Attacked By Rats” and MOTORHEAD’s “Ace Of Spades” all mashed together, “Get To Fuck” has some blazing guitar playing and devastating drumming, and “Music for Gluesniffers, Terrorists and the Mentally Ill” is just as fast as the previous songs, but actually has a slower bit that brings it down to just punk rock, not UK82 hardcore. This is a  total punk rock holocaust of biblical proportions. DEFCON ZERO’s relentless, unbridled and furious attack, just gets better and more intense as you listen to the album. With Leo Stitch’s throat shredding vocals, Ben Zero’s blazing guitar playing, Seamus O’Hooligan’s thundering bass and background vocals and Monkey’s devastating drumming ll combining to create on of the best UK82 style punk albums that I’ve listened to in a long time. “Over the Wire”, “Nightmare”, “Rats”, “St.Pauli – Anti Nazi”, and “Pissed Up and Speeding” were all songs that stood out for me.

You really can’t go wrong with an album that has the best sounds of the old UK 82 punk rock and has touches of MOTORHEAD and GBH in the songs. The political messages are spot on with anti fascist, and anti government sentiments throughout the album.  DEFCON ZERO have done one hell of a job on their debut, please keep the high standard up on your future releases, and go grab this album now!

BRING TO RUIN: Self-titled: CD

BRING TO RUIN have been together since October 2010 and are from Wales, UK and play a mix of hardcore, crust and punk. At the time of recording, the band was composed of Jon on drums and vocals, Ross on vocals, Paul on guitar and vocals and Dave on bass.

“Intro” is a nice instrumental track that gets you in the groove for the rest of the album with its more moshy hardcore sound, then they jump into “Curse Of The Innocent” which slams you into the back of your chair and gets the proceedings of to an intense start. “Capitalist Eyes” amps up the fury a few more notches with the band really trying to destroy their instruments on this track, ” Economist Psychopath” is the longest track on the album at just over three and a half minutes and BRING TO RUIN don’t slow done at all, they actually made this one of my favorite songs on here with the way they gave everyone a bit of a spotlight in a way. The bass has a lot of presence on this album which is a treat since a lot of bands bury the bass in the mix, the guitar has some great leads that are thick and juicy, the drumming is pummeling, and the vocals are shouted, but you can understand what Ross is saying and his gruff shouts are angry sounding and it fits perfectly into the mix. “Stale Motion”, “The Rot”, “Cut And Run”, “Resentment”, and “Career Suicide” were all stellar tracks on this album.

There’s a great bunch of songs on here, with power and excitement galore. The band really goes out of its way to give you an album that really has no weak tracks, no slow songs, just balls to the wall music that will make any pit a lot of fun, and hard to leave.


Rash Decision / 2 Sick Monkeys - Less Is More... More Or Less - CD

A split CD with two bands, RASH DECISION from Falmouth, Cornwall, England and 2 SICK MONKEYS from Swindon, England who have different styles, but that’s o.k. because variety can spice things up.

RASH DECISION are the first ones up with eight short blasts of a mix of punk, thrash, hardcore, and metal. Dave Decision is lead vocalist and guitarist, James ‘Perky’ Perkins is the bassist and does & backing vocals, Simon J. Sky on guitar and backing vocals, and Tom Candy on drums. They start their side off with “Philthy’s Mattress”, that kicks off with some feedback, guitar playing and then the band comes in with both barrels blazing bullets at you. The bass guitar and drumming are highlights of this song as well as the crazed screamed vocals which made for a super catchy song. “Captain Tom” takes the vocals and makes them even more out of control and the band seems to step up their assault a notch, “Staines” is a blitzkrieg on your senses with the band barely keeping it together to the end of the song, “Learning Things About The World (Part 2) is fourteen seconds of mayhem. This band is just unbelievable, tight unstoppable and just about the best band at this chaotic mess that I’ve heard in a long time. “Metro” has the metallic onslaught continuing, “Bring Out Your Dead”, has Decision’s voice just tearing chunks out of his throat while the band plays a mix of thrash and punk behind him, “Seagull” is a thrash attack that gets your head banging so hard that you’re afraid that it might tear off, and finally, if you make it through the bombastic earlier tracks, is the final song, “Temporary Worker (Clause 4.1)” that has an announcer talking through it in the background, but is just as mental as all the other tracks and ends their part of the CD off with a high.

Here come 2 SICK MONKEYS with thirteen tracks of punk rock from members Fred Nus on drums and vocals and Pete Tower on bass and vocals. “Sayonara” is their first song and it’s a gruff vocalized, punk rock song that will have you up out of your chair and dancing around your living room before you know it and it has more Oi!’s in this song than on a skinhead album. “Bruce Brenda David Death” has a great bass intro then straight away into another catchy song with that great bass being in the forefront on a good part of the song, “Had Enough” is a great short song about getting away from everything, “Blurrr!! (Parts 1 & 2)” is basically an instrumental with the exception of yelling “Blurrr!!” every once in a while and has a bit of a surf sound, and “Number One Retard” is a super short song about being an idiot. For only two guys, this is so full sounding and full of energy that you would think that an entire band is playing on these songs. The songs are goofy and fun, just what you need after a day at work, something to put a smile on your face and something that when your friends come over, a CD with songs to get them jumping around too. Some of the other songs that got me going were, “Bullshitter”, “I Don’t Wanna Be Me”, “No Brakes”, and “I Love Booze”.

Even though you would think that these bands don’t go together, this was a great split single that I know will get played a lot. More or less, less isn’t more because now you’ve made me fans of both bands and now I need to get more!