COLD SUMMER: Self-titled: CD


COLD SUMMER are a self-proclaimed post hardcore band, playing heavy yet
melodic (passionate, but not pretentious) punk/hardcore influenced rock that burns with intensity. The band released their debut EP Transitions in January 2012, and in the middle of 2012, released the five track EP Wake and now have their debut long-player out.

The album opens with “The Fallen” coming in with huge drumming that pounds the senses before a guitar comes in to join the rhythmic presence of the bass and the yelled vocals add punch to this hard-hitting opener. “Waiting” emerges from the sonic wail of the guitar with the bass while the concussive beats of the drums pound the ear. The following pair of songs, “Ships” and “Processed Lives” show the evolving direction of the band’s style. “Ships” is an emotive and intelligently crafted track while the coarse tones of the riffs are edgy and compelling in “Processed Lives”. “Car Crash (In Progress)” has a touch of blues in the playing, but keeps the high power and intensity going, especially with the manically screamed vocals in parts of the song. “Waiting (Alternative Version)” has an emotive and achingly heartfelt sound to it with the piano taking a front seat and comes off as one of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard in a long time. “Wake” brings back the yelled vocals and is played at a mid to slow pace. Last song “A Is For Arson” has a sinewy groove that grabs you and makes you want to move, dance, jump around, all of that and more and was one of my favorites on the album.

The band really made a terrific long player and shows the potential to be a massive presence with the talent shown on this release. I’ll be keeping my eye on them, and so should you!

ANGRY: Wild Ox Shangri-La: CD

Formed in 2012 in the wake of two of Vancouver, BC’s aggressive music juggernauts, JAKARTAH and LAST PLAGUE, ANGRY’s debut album is nine tracks of angry music. Guitarist Richard Fudalewski, drummer Kyle Ledingham, vocalist Heath Fenton and bassist Wes Cook are the guys who created this group of songs that shoot for the jugular.

“Right Loose” is the hard as nails opener where vocalist Fenton seems to be shredding his throat as you listen to him, especially with his screams of “Right Fucking Loose”, the band seems to be trying to destroy their instruments by bashing them as hard as they can and it all ends up as a glorious mess of a track, “Bad Day” comes crashing in like a typhoon and wipes out everything in its wake, more of the insane screaming and heavy bass, speedy guitar playing and incessant drumming, “Colony Of Murder” has great stop / starts that put it into more of a sludge type groove, and “Shoot The Messenger” has fantastic drumming and great over the top screaming. The band has a lot of talent and even with all of the craziness going on, you can hear the little nuances that they throw into the songs, like the keyboards on “Shoot The Messenger”. The rolling bass playing from Cook and the strong drumming from Ledingham really complements one another, guitarist Fudalewski plays fast and hard, but throws in some sweet licks every once in a while that you nod your head along to and Fenton’s screaming shows how pissed off he is at pretty much everything. Some of the songs that stood out to me were, “Umbrella Fight”, and “Humanical”.

This is an intense album to listen to, with Fenton screaming venom and bile at you for the course of the entire album and no let up. You could hear the emotion coming at you from the band with the tight and concise playing and it shows that even though a lot of people think Canadians are quiet and reserved, we all know that we bottle up our anger and scream obscenities when we get the chance…at least Fenton and I do.


KID BROTHER COLLECTIVE were a band from 1997-2003 from Flint, Michigan that put out two albums and a couple of splits/EPs/Comps before they broke up, and this is a reissue of their last album they did on vinyl for the first time.

This post hardcore band has a lot of quiet parts on this album that turn into heavier, chunkier parts during songs with some relaxed singing to strained vocals on the songs. The album starts off with the slow-paced “Our Last Night”, a calm song that introduces the release by lulling the listener into the album, “Light Sleeper” starts off slowly before the emotive instrumental finish, and “Too Many Tomorrows (A Fair Warning)” has a pop punk feel and its subtle catchiness makes the song. The band is pretty good, they play well, and I wouldn’t say that they are the most proficient or tightest of players, but they get the emotion and angst across fairly well. This is one of those albums that you will put on every once in a while and it will make you think, yeah, this is cool.

They deserve to get heard, and it’s a good, but not a great album, but I’m glad that it’s got another chance to be heard because when it clicks, it really works well.

MAKER: Self-titled: CD

MAKER is a five piece band from Springfield, MA that plays basically a mix of modern rock, post hardcore, and some almost screamo elements all mixed together. They put out their self-titled five song EP and it has a lot of energy and a lot more melody than I was expecting.

The vocals have a screamo feel at times, but they temper that with more subdued and melodic vocals in their songs which is really nice. The guitar work is nice and crisp, the drums are thumping away nicely in the back and the bass is fluid throughout the EP. The songs are actually fairly catchy which made the EP stick with me after I stopped listening to it. “Shadows” and “You Know Who You Are,” are catchier than the songs on the previous release, which was an interesting change, if this is where they are going on their future releases, it should be very cool.

These guys have taken a turn toward evolving their sound since their last release Mirrors and it really works for them. It should be interesting to see where they go from here, hopefully going in this direction and still keeping the power and excitement that they brought to this release.


This band has been generating a ton of hype in the U.K. about them being leaders of the U.K. rock revival…I don’t get it at all.

These five guys from Cambridgeshire play modern rock with emo type singing and do a good job of rocking out in spots, but the modern rock is really thick, more rock, less of the emo/post hardcore type stuff might convince me that they are contenders, but it just doesn’t give me enough rock. Now if we review it from the emo/post hardcore side, it’s a pretty good album with a bunch of anthemic songs and big production. There are eleven songs on here with “1949” being a mellow, ballad type song that didn’t grab me, but the guitar work and drums throughout are really good. The vocals are sung/shouted throughout and do a great job of putting forth a lot of emotion and are well done. I did think that the first song reminded me of TENACIOUS D in the vocal area, and I thought that I would ask my wife and she confirmed it. “Beggars” starts the album off and rocks out pretty good, “Lighthouse” has an uplifting chorus and keeps up the pace, “Death Rattle” has riffs galore, and ‘Wake Up’, Misdemeanour’ and “Bury Your Head” all keep the intensity up.

The new rock gods to save rock in the U.K., that’s not up to me, the newest band to put out a really good emo/post hardcore album…yep!


Real Fear cover art

These guys have been together since 1998 and after a lengthy layoff; they’re back with eleven new songs. They haven’t had a release out since 2006 and this is a great return to the post hardcore scene.

I listened to this on headphones and could hear all the intricate sounds that they included in the songs that really surprised me. The song “The Moon And The Tide” has some great synthesizer on it, bringing out a cool bit of a new wave feel mixed into the harder parts of the song. The vocals across the album range from screaming to very melodic and come head to head in some songs and work well. The album has two super short songs on it, the first one “Blood On The Handle”, and the fifth song “Sarastro”. The first one is a nice hard and heavy way to kick off the album, while the fifth is a very cool mellow song with piano and synthesizer. The production is flawless, with all the small things that you might not normally hear from the bombast and power that this band has.

I was pleasantly surprised with this album and I hope they get the fans back from the old days and get even more with this release. I was unaware of THE CASKET LOTTERY, but this is a band that I will now keep my eyes and ears on in the future.