PATTERN IS MOVEMENT: Self-titled: Download

Pattern Is Movement cover art

Pattern Is Movement have returned with their self-titled fourth album six years since 2008’s All Together. The band is now a duo featuring Andrew Thiboldeaux (everything that is not drums, but specifically, vocals, keys, and bass), and Chris Ward (drums).

The band has mixed things up on this release with a bit of hip-hop beats driving the songs which makes for a very interesting sound. Musically the album is very diverse and has a nice groove to it, not getting too crazy, but not too relaxed either, a nice mix that really works well, sadly the vocals are not that interesting. The sameness of the vocals starts to get monotonous very quickly with the laid back and unexciting delivery, you start to wish that someone would just wail on one of the songs, but that never happens. The album really never grabs a hold of me like I wanted it to, the musicianship is great, so many interesting sounds and effects, giving you the feeling of floating away, like on “Gone My Love,” probably my favorite song on here, but the vocals just lack anything dynamic.

I can’t give this a complete thumbs up or down, kind of halfway between both, but if you are interested in cool music, this is great, just don’t expect much from the vocals. Hopefully they can take some of the great parts of this release and make a stronger release in the future.