PASSION PUPPETS were a synth/guitar pop band signed to the legendary Stiff Records, whose only album was issued in 1984. In 1983, the London band scored a memorable radio hit with their Spaghetti Western-influenced single “Like Dust,” which was  hugely popular both in the UK and in Canada. The album is remastered from the original tapes with eight bonus tracks, including singles “Like Dust,” “Voices” and “Beyond The Pale,” many of them debuting on CD. Original members of PASSION PUPPETS helped out with this long-overdue reissue, contributing rare photos and pictures for the booklet as well as being involved with the sleeve-notes.

The band nearly explode on “Like Dust,” the most well-known song from them. The song bursts with unrestrained energy, jagged riffs, pounding drums, and gripping bass-lines which make the song crackle like a bolt of electricity. With its jittery beat and western-movie twang that give you cinematic images, this is the song that started them on their climb up the charts, sadly it also was their only real hit song. The album has other great tracks, “Overland,” “Terminal Culture,” “In Your Eyes,” and “Voices” all of which are songs that should have propelled them into the consciousness of the masses. The treat is the wealth of bonus songs that give you a more well-rounded idea of the talent that this band had.

The clear, clean sound and the insight from the band members on the booklet really made this a treat to hear and after having the original vinyl, it is great to have this on CD and be able to enjoy it in the car. This is great driving music with the expansiveness of their sound.