COLD FEELINGS: American Industry: 12″


Sacramento, California’s COLD FEELINGS have released their seven song debut album on Oi! The Boat Records. The band consists of members of long running Northern California punk bands MONSTER SQUAD, WHISKEY REBELS and BUILD US AIRPLANES.

“American Industry” puts the album into high gear with a very melodic punk song that is catchy and could be a big song for them if radio played good music for a change. “With You” has great gang vocals, an incessant beat that gets you rocking out and keeps the melodic standard set by the first song going. “Older Now” has great guitar playing and the vocals are a little raspy and made this a little edgier. “In Between” is a nice fast-paced song with a ton of energy and power and the background vocals really add a lot to the song. “Pain & Ecstasy” is a bit more mid-paced and still manages to keep the great enthusiasm going. “Ordinary” slows it down a bit more, but the rock power that they bring to the song as well as the background vocals remind me a bit of SOCIAL DISTORTION, which is never a bad thing. “Germantown” ends the album on a high note with great lead and background vocals as well as some of the best playing on the album.

A great album with tight playing and a real love for what they’re doing shines through on this release. It’s not Oi! or streetpunk, but the melodic punk rock really made for a fantastic listen and now I’ve found another band to love.

VOI!CE OF AMERICA: Volume One: 7″

voice of america

Voi!ce of America is a new series of 7″ compilations from Oi! the Boat Records highlighting Oi! bands from different parts of the country. Volume 1 tackles the southwest of the U.S.A. and features THE WARLORDS, BRICKTOP, THE TOUGHSKINS, and ALL CITY BOOTBOYS. Each band gets one song to give us all that they have and win us over.

First up is THE WARLORDS with “Aggro”, a hard-hitting bruiser of a song with great, gruff vocals and a chorus that will get you singing along and hyped up. BRICKTOP gives us “Walk Away”, a song with gang vocals aplenty, great guitar playing and a fast pace that continues and even ups the energy level from the first song. THE TOUGHSKINS rip through their song, “Numb” with urgency and a nice fuzzy guitar sound. ALL CITY BOOTBOYS are last on the bill and their song, “Sleeping Where We Fall” starts off with terrific bass guitar, a bit of guitar, then the drums kick in and off we go! A great song with energy and nice gruff vocals and gang vocals that made this a perfect end to a great EP.

Four songs that are all meat, no fat or gristle here at all, tasty and still leaves you wanting more. This is a great way to hear some bands that may be new to you and then go out and get more from them. A great sampler from a label that never fails to release winners.

VICTORY: Laced Up: 7″


This is the debut four song release from VICTORY, a street punk band from St Paul, Minneapolis. The band is composed of ex-members of THE SUBVERSIVES, EIGHTYSIXED, THE VIRGIN WHORES and PIST & BROKE.

This was so well promoted that it completely sold out one hour and 45 minutes after the preorder started and had a second pressing done…pretty damn sweet! “Laced Up” is about skinhead pride and you can hear the sincerity in the singer’s voice while the band rips things up behind him. “American Nightmare” is a song that wants to put the boots to shitty state of affairs in America for the working stiffs and is a damn fine angry song. “Glory Days” has a fantastic chorus, the band is playing with conviction and has you remember your glory days. “Real Heroes” opens with the “I love the smell of napalm…” sound bite from Apocalypse Now and was written by WWII veteran Corporal Joseph Piché who passed away in 2011. It is a very strong and intense song about fallen heroes and what they gave for the world.

With only four songs, it really leaves you wanting more and going back to re-listen to it again. They really are showing everyone how good Oi! can be and how powerful it can be to get your message out.

HOOLIGAN: No Blacks, No Irish, No Dogs: 7″


Formed in Dublin, Ireland in October 2009, HOOLIGAN play old school punk rock with energy and full of excitement. This single has four tight tracks that will get stuck in your head and in your music player.

“No Blacks, No Irish, No Dogs” has tight, punchy guitars then saxophone comes in, adding soul to the song and talks about the racism in London, England in 1954. “Calling Joe Strummer” is an outstanding song recalling the sound of THE CLASH with their ode to Joe Strummer and needing inspiration in life because with Strummer gone, things just seem empty now. “Cops And Robbers” has blistering guitars and impassioned lyrics about crime and becoming part of the system. “Bandit Country” is a song about living in Northern Ireland during “the troubles” and even with the serious topic, they still made an anthemic, catchy song.

If you are a fan of punk rock from the late ’70s and early ’80s that is well done and full of passion, this is your band. It’s great to hear a band that puts their heart and soul in their music and keeps a high standard of playing and songwriting that makes you keep coming back for another hit of the good stuff.