NUMMIES: Chew Through The World: CD

This Ottawa, Ontario hardcore band was around from June 2006 – November 2013 and is sorely missed. These four guys could just destroy it on this album and what a both sad and amazing goodbye.

With ten tracks of blazing punk rock, these guys have anthemic choruses, powerful breakdowns, furious drumming and intensely sung vocals that make it hard not to hit repeat on every track. The lyrics are actually quite well thought out and show a lot of thinking went into what they wanted to say, but thanks for the lyric sheet to help with the lyrics. The band is thrashing away and you would think that they might get sloppy, not too much,it is played loose, but not sloppy and with an amazing amount of power. This reminds me a lot of stuff that I would listen to that was never popular because it was real punk, not the glossy crap that it seemed everyone was trying to pass off as punk…and never fooled me. As on the second album of theirs that I reviewed, the playing is fantastic and just floors me.

I can’t recommend this any higher than saying that you need to get this if you say that you like punk rock. It’s a damn shame the good ones go away so fast…at least it was a nice corpse.

NUMMIES: Politically Drunk: CD


This is the second full length album from Ottawa, Ontario Canada’s hardcore punk rock band, NUMMIES. Fifteen blistering tracks of beer fueled, whiskey drenched, politically driven fury, plus a great cover of “Code Blue” by TSOL.

The leadoff track “Political Rats” starts off a little slow then gains speed to turn into a hurricane of a track with the band playing full speed, and vocalist Damon Disorderly spitting out his lyrics. “Workin’ Man” comes on next and the blazing guitar playing and the pounding drums just make this track shine with the intensity that they lay down. “No Time” is catchy and the quick song would make for a great slam dance song with the speed and energy on this track. This band has already claimed me as a fan and we’ve barely started the album, some good shit! They just play super tight and their fingers must be bleeding, the drummer must lose ten pounds a night and the singer must need to gargle after a show because they play super intensely and with lyrics that make you think. The bass from Eric Eyes has a nice fat sound and is melodic even in this explosion of insanity, Seanarchy’s guitar playing is fast and furious with not a note wasted, Tom Beercan’s drumming is just this side of out of control, but he manages to keep it in place and devastate your ears with the total destructive power that he brings to the songs. Disorderly’s vocals are gruff and full of anger and the background and gang vocals really give this album a push into catchy that you wouldn’t think was possible. “No More”, “Be Heard”, “Fire Burning Eyes”, and “No Regrets” were just some of the songs that grabbed me.

This is a powerful and well produced album with the band shining sonically and lyrically. Bands like this are the reason that I still dig through the stacks of releases that I get sent to me, punk fucking rock, no bullshit, no pretenses, just punk fucking rock! Totally recommended!