NINE IDEAS: Thanks Giving: CD

NINE IDEAS from Tokyo, Japan have put out Thanks Giving with twelve tracks of pop punk, a touch of ska ans straight up punk rock on their sophomore album.

This is a very upbeat album with every song sounding like it should be a single, with the energy and strength of their playing. NINE IDEAS sing in English and sound like they could be from California in the 1990s when pop punk was popular, and play like they don’t care. If GREEN DAY were still playing punk and not the pretentious crap that they try to pass off as punk to the kids, this would be their next album, but I’m glad that NINE IDEAS took their sound and ran with it and made a pop punk masterpiece. With the sing-a-long choruses, the great guitar playing from Katsuhiko Sato who also sings, the bouncing bass guitar of Taro Ebisudani who also sings, and the hard-hitting and steady drumming of Mikoto Nakashima, this is going to become my go to album for catchy, melodic, yet biting pop punk. The little bit of ska that they throw into songs “Get Some Emotion”, “Fight Against Yourself” and “Get Up”add to the fun of the songs. The band plays their hearts out on this album, even throwing in a bit of a love song with “I Need Tomorrow”, which even though it’s a slower song, still has plenty of energy in it. You get one of the best openers to an album with “Stand Up Heroes”, an instrumental that tears it up, and then you get the awesome “Don’t Want Lies Anymore” with whoa-ohs galore and then “Get Some Emotion” explodes with the touch of ska and the background vocals coming in at just the right time with their chant of “Oi!, Oi!, Oi!”.

This is a great, fast-paced punk album from a band that is now one of my favorites and if they tour around me, I must go see them and jump around as if my pants were on fire when they play.