NEW YORK DOLLS: Too Much Too Soon: CD

The ever difficult second album syndrome hit the DOLLS, but not as bad as everyone thinks. The album isn’t as solid as the first, but there is a lot to enjoy on it all the same.

The band didn’t like the way their debut sounded, so they enlisted Shadow Morton to produce Too Much Too Soon. Morton had become disenchanted by the music industry, but was enthused by the band’s energy and agreed to work with them as a personal challenge and did a very good job at getting the rawness as well as the fun of this band recorded. The album has some great songs on it, “Babylon,” “Stranded In The Jungle,” “(There’s Gonna Be A) Showdown,” “Who are the Mystery Girls?,” and “Human Being” being a few of them. You get the gritty playing, boogie swagger, and general sleaziness of New York back in the ’70s all mixed in with female vocals and a hint of hooks that add to the band’s charm. The punk bands that were coming up, took a lot of this and changed a few things and ran with it, while the DOLLS just imploded from the addictions and general pissed off attitude that was starting to show. The sound on this release is great, crisp and clear, giving the guitars the ability to be heard in the mix, and all the little studio effects to be heard better. The album replica just makes it even more special.

Yeah, not the best from the band, but still better than a lot of the pretenders that came after them and took what they wanted from the corpse. With great sound, beautiful packaging and some grit and attitude, you need to get this one.