THE HAMBURGLARS: Self-titled: 10″

The Hamburglars - 10"

You have a masked band that’s dressed in full Hamburglar costumes, they play garage punk mixed with some surf music, and almost every lyric is “robble robble robble robble robble robble  robble robble robble,” and it makes me smile, shake my head and laugh.

Six tasty treats on this release that will make Mayor McCheese happy, and when you crank this up and start to dance, you will knock over everyone’s Shamrock shakes, but don’t you dare screw with the hamburgers!

A great bunch of songs that just are funny as hell, and played with energy and reckless abandon. Definitely a treat, just like the one you get in your Happy Meal, but better.



This two band, four song split single is going to be just what you’re looking for if you like power pop done right, not too sweet, and just raw enough to keep the rock edgy. These two band really are perfectly suited on this release and will get you dancing around like a lunatic.

From Portsmouth, NH comes THE CONNECTION with their two songs and they totally rock out and have that hint of sweetness, especially on “She’s Gonna Leave You” with the silky vocals and the subdued playing. “Don’t Let Me Sleep Too Long” is a fantastic fast song that will have you jumping around while listening to it. Next up is THE CRY from Portland, OR and “Discotheque” is their first song and what a dose of fun it is. Great harmonies and the guitar playing is really tight. “T.C.P.” is a cover of THE BOYS and it’s not a straight cover, it’s more poppy, but still retains the high energy of the original and is very good.

Two bands playing power pop, both doing things just a bit different, one more ’60s influenced and one more ’70s, but both killing it. A great split and a great way to hear two masters of the genre.



From Berwyn, IL comes this three-piece rock-n-roll band where simple trashy guitar, driving bass & caveman drums form the basis of a glorious racket. Add in some B-52’S AND THE CRAMPS as well as some fuzzbox and you get the trashy garage rock that will infect your ears and the only cure is more music from them.

Two songs that get better the more you listen to them. “Shake It!” really will make you shake it with the pounding groove and the shouted lyrics will be easy to yell back at the band in concert. “In A Band” is a nice little banger of a tune telling us the way it is being in a band, but also pointing out that they love it.

This is one great little single that begs me to ask for more from them…I need more songs!!! A short and to the point pair of songs that will be played a lot around here.


POOL PARTY: Pool Party Party: CD

Pool Party Party cover art

Thirteen songs of goofy and fun pop punk, sound good to you? It sure as hell sounds good to me!

Kicking things off with “Pool Party Party” with its buzzsaw guitars, catchy chorus and relentless beat, I knew that I was in for a great time, and POOL PARTY didn’t disappoint. “Coma Dose” with its lyrics about taking massive amounts of drugs was bouncy and had a great chorus and had a RAMONES feel, “Teenage Weirdo” sadly could be a song that a lot of guys could relate to, “Scissor Attack” is just a fun song to jump around to and sing the lyrics out loud, and “She Loves Dick” has that old-school QUEERS feel. The vocals go from gruff to nice and poppy with lots of background vocals, the drumming is steady and tight, the bass guitar is bouncy and full of life, and the buzzsaw guitar playing is great.

There is not a bad song on this album, POOL PARTY are one of the most fun pop punk bands that I’ve had the pleasure to listen to in a long time. You need this CD and yo need to play it loud!