MOONLIGHT BRIDE: Dead Language: Download

Moonlight Bride - Dead Language

This four piece band from Chattanooga, TN has put out a collection of five songs that they considered b-sides because they just didn’t seem to fit with the material that they’ve been putting together for the new album, so they released this EP on their own. They call their music haunted pop and this release really shows that that description is quite accurate.

These self produced songs don’t sound like throwaway songs, but they actually flow together really well. Piano-ballad “Open Waters” kicks things off on a mournful note, “Wild Heart” is brighter, with gentle backing acoustic guitar, MOONLIGHT BRIDE reprises “Diego,” a song that was on the band’s Twin Lakes EP, with a slower pace and a haunting vocal delivery, “It Could Happen” slowly builds to a great climax, and final song “Silver Slumbers” is a mellow instrumental. They are a fairly mellow group of songs, evoking bands like ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN’s earlier and moodier songs and the early 80’s more haunting songs, almost like the gothic overtones of some of the bands from those days, but not goth like nowadays. Really interesting playing on this EP, some very pretty guitar work, and very ethereal and emotive music on here.

I had never heard this band before, but this has made me interested in their past recordings and what their next album will sound like. I will be looking forward to hearing it.