Rip It Up In A Modern Way cover art

Coming from Chicago, MODERN DAY RIPPERS were formed in the fall of 2008 and have released their debut album of fourteen punk rock ditties that will get a smile on your face, and have you jumping around.

If you miss the old days when punk wasn’t the PC baby zone that it’s turned into, you like FEAR and dirty sounding production, then kids…I have the band for you! Fourteen songs of goofy and fun punk rock that made me happy to hear and a slew of hooks played in that old school punk rock style that I miss from my high school days. Great gruff vocals, guitar licks and with titles like “I Believe in Pills”, “Abortion (I’m An)”, “I Want Your Hole”, “Liquor Store Blues” and “Whip Its”, you kind of get the place that they’re coming from and what a great place it is.

This is the kind of album that I can throw on and it’s a great listen from start to finish with zero tracks to skip. Lots of melody and hooks throughout, and so much fun that you’ll play these short songs over and over again.