MIRE: Inward/Outward: CD

This Canadian progressive metal band consisting of Dave Massicotte (guitar & vocals), Stephane Boileau (drums), J.P. Lachapelle (lead vocals), Bruno Chouinard (guitar & keys), and Robbie O’Brien (bass), formed in 2010 and has put out their debut album. A lot of people compare them to TOOL, but I have never been a fan of that band, so I’m not going to do the comparison.

What we have here is ten songs that go from being heavy, to more spacious and open and then back to being heavy. The band completely rips on this album, showing off their prowess and tight musicianship throughout the album. The heartfelt and emotional singing from Lachapelle really grabs onto your heart and pulls on it, and at times rips it out of you with his sweet lows and anguished wails. The amazing two-part “Limitless” has power, sweetness, dual male and female vocals and is one of the most amazing pair of songs that I’ve heard in a long time. “Beast And The Machine” is another powerful song that I kept replaying just to hear the fragile beauty of it and then the chaotic whirlwind it becomes at times. The album just goes from strength to strength and really shows the real talent that they have. The guitar riffs are huge, the rhythms are intricate, and the vocals are amazing, just what I was looking for.

The band can be compared to whoever you want to compare them, ultimately it comes down to the fact of can they play, are they good, are they talented, do they have what it takes…yes..they are a great band, and worth becoming a fan of. This is not a copy, but a band that can thrill and excite you and take you to sky.