MENSTRUAL TRAMPS: No Hesitation, No Defeat: CD

This trio from Minneapolis, MN play short, tight, and angry punk rock that brings to mind the old days when you needed heart and soul instead of pop, metal and glossy production to make a statement. You get nine originals and a cover of “Pro Choice” from Suicidal Supermarket Trolleys and zero filler.

Gruff vocals, buzz saw guitars, thick bass and pounding drums, plus great lyrics…what more do you need? You just need to grab a copy of this album and crank it up loud to piss off your neighbors, that’s all. Every song comes at you like a blast out of a shotgun, trying to blow a hole in your head, but not one to kill, one to blast out the garbage that you’ve been spoon-fed and replaced with knowledge and ideas that will take you to a new enlightened place. Angry and well thought out, the lyrics are a step ahead of a lot of bands trying to get a message across, these ladies really give a damn and want you to know it. Great tracks like “Americanized Suicide,” “No Heroes,” “Burn Fucker Burn,” “History Repeats,” and “Our Fight” kick major ass, but the other tracks are just as good as these ones, plus I really liked the sound bites between the songs…very cool.

An album that you need for your collection to play loud and often and to hear what these women have to say about the shit going on around them. They really need to release more music, this is too good to be this short.