MAJOR LEAGUE: Hard Feelings: CD

Ten pop punk songs from this five piece band from Mantua, NJ. This new release from these Jersey guys that have been around since 2009 is a really good album.

They have some nice crunchy guitar work on here by both guitarists Brian Joyce, and Matt Chila, the drummer, Luke Smartnick is a lot better than most other drummers in pop punk with a lot of pounding and finesse, and bassist Kyle Bell does a great job on here as well. Really good and clean production and it really makes the band’s playing stand out. It’s truly a refreshing release because they sound nothing like BLINK 182 which so many pop punk bands nowadays seem to try to sound like. The lyrics are quite smart and are written with a lot of passion which really impressed me a lot. These guys have the chops to make me like pop punk again, at least if they are the ones playing pop punk that is. Stand out tracks are “Homewrecker”, “Walk Away”, “Landslide” and “Need I Remind You”.

They have made one of the better albums of this genre and I know that my wife who likes this kind of stuff will totally like this album and I’m glad that I like it too, this way we can play the hell out of it and neither of us will get sick of hearing it. I’m just pissed off that I missed them when they came by me on tour…maybe, no, definitely next time!