LES CAGETTES: 1rst Mini Album: CD

les Cagettes - 1rst EP VINYL [feb. 2013] cover art

Some really well-played punk rock that sounds like it could have been put out back in the late 70s as part of the first or second wave of punks.

This French band blows through their five original songs and one awesome cover of French band Olivensteins “Euthanasie” with such energy and love for what they’re doing that it makes you want to go back and play this all over again. Great female vocals and the band really have it together with some great guitar work and drumming. It is always a treat to hear bands that play good old school punk rock and not try to update it with something that takes away the pure fun of this kind of music.

This band has made a fan out of me; I wish that I understood French so I could know what they are singing about, but you can’t have everything, oh well.

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Les-Cagettes/211436752215827  http://lescagettes.bandcamp.com/track/jsuis-la-rockstar-de-mon-placard  http://cagettes.com/