KNIFVEN: Self-titled: 7″

Knifven - Av! / Den Sista Jäveln 7" cover art

Situated in Stockholm, Sweden, this band plays high energy punk rock with a ton of energy and excitement. Both songs are full of hooks and will make you play them repeatedly.

The band puts out a glorious racket that has a bit of chaotic drumming and singing that are mixed with excellent guitar playing and steady bass playing all holding it together. Both songs are fun with the playing just a bit sloppy, giving it a live in the studio feel to it. This is the second release that I’ve heard of theirs and they really impress me more and more with every new single.

Another great single from this band that will be a fantastic addition to your record collection. Somehow, this label finds all of the great bands in Sweden.

KNIFVEN: Perstorp / Kliniken: 7″

Knifven - Perstorp / Kliniken 7" cover art

A really good two song single that has some nice punky rock going on, with the vocals up front and although I have no idea what they are because I don’t understand Swedish, I still wanted to sing along with them, it’s that catchy.

They add in a trumpet that adds a lot to their music, a bit more depth than the average band, nice guitar work, good low-end on the bass and the drummer really shines on this single with some really nice work bringing this all together. This single is too damn short, you really start to get into it and then it’s over, one bad thing about 7” singles is having to get up so often when they are this short, but I can forgive them because of how much I liked it.

The production was good, the only thing was that the mix should have been a little more balanced, with some of the instruments a bit buried, but it really didn’t take away my enjoyment of the single at all.