MINDCAGE: Our Own Devices: CD

This metal band from Gulf Breeze, FL plays a mix of progressive metal, and power metal with a lot of energy. These eight tracks show off a tight technically strong band with hooks galore.

Our Own Devices is a concept album with a dystopian/sci-fi storyline where technology has smothered the arts and creativity in the world, and a hero is born, a girl named Arabella Vash (voiced by Hydrogen’s Julie Westlake), and she becomes humanity’s one and only hope to return to a free-thinking, creative society…can she do it? Jeff Hignite sings with such a wide range and emotion, Dietrick Hardwick’s guitar playing is a virtuoso by the way he rips up and down the neck, and the bass playing of Brian Howell is tightly aligned with the drumming of Craig Nudo. The songs are all amazing and even though I can’t pick one that stands out, since I liked them all, because this is a concept album, I will suggest to listen to it from start to finish and enjoy the power and talent that this band just exudes. The production is sharp and crisp, with everyone being heard without distortion or interference from another player.

If you haven’t heard of these guys you must correct that oversight right away and get this album and play it loud and often. Most concept albums are overbearing and become pompous, but this is an album that puts a smile on your face and requires multiple listens for pure enjoyment.