One year after her first album, Kim Wilde put out her second and it was a bit of a change in sound from the predecessor. This one was more electronic, but still retained the high energy and edge that was present on her first album.

Starting off with “Ego,” a fast-paced song that will get you up and dancing, it flows perfectly into “Words Fell Down,” another fast song with great synthesizer playing adding a very atmospheric feel to the song. This album could really fit in with the emerging new romantic sound at the time, lots of dancey synths, tons of bass and a general feel that the album would sound incredible in the club. The single “View From A Bridge” is every bit as exciting to hear now as it was when it first came out. “Action City,” “Chaos At The Airport,” “Can You Come Over,” and the other single “Cambodia” are all standouts on this album.

With remastered sound giving clarity and dynamics to the music, and the replica vinyl jacket all add to this great release that gives her one-two punch that started a career that is still going to this day. Great music that still stands up in this day and age, you can’t go wrong.

KIM WILDE: Self-titled: CD

Kim Wilde’s first and in my mind, best album remastered and in a copy of the original vinyl release. I still remember reading about her in Creem magazine and finally seeing the cassette in a record store downtown…I had to have this album right there and then. I purchased this and IRON MAIDEN’s Number Of The Beast and put Kim into my trusty walkman and had a huge smile on my face the whole way through the tape.

Every song was something new and exciting for me and being thirteen, I had a huge crush on her. No MTV in Canada and not too many outlets for videos at the time so I only had the magazine article and the tape for any kind of information about her or what the video was like. I played the damn thing over and over and learned these songs and after all these years, it still puts a smile on my face and I still love the album. The songs that really stand out for me are “Kids In America,” “Water On Glass,” “Our Town,” “Young Heroes,” “Chequered Love,” and “2-6-5-8-0.” Not a bad ratio, six out of ten songs that I love and four that I like…lol.

With the cleaned up sound, the cool little sleeve reproduction and the ton of classic tracks, this is a definite album to be put into your collection. New wave done well, with feeling, emotion, and energy all done before things got watered done in a few years by the proliferation of pop taking over the new wave scene.