JOHN MAMONE: Order And Chaos: CD

Born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, John Mamone has been active in the professional music scene since 1988 and was a founding member of the award-winning Canadian hard-rock band VOLUME WATER. Mamone played all of the rhythm guitars, bass and keyboards, and performed all of the lead and harmony vocal parts by himself, Mike Cotton, the drummer from DEATHMARCH, played all the drum parts, guitarists Kelly Kereliuk and Lee Nedich played all of the guitar solos on the album.

This is the kind of hard rock / heavy metal that never seems to get the respect or airplay that it deserves. Lots of melody, hooks galore, riffs aplenty and a groove that makes you want to dance and head bang, sometimes in the same song and the great use of keyboards really adds to the songs. This is a great summer album, ready to be turned up loud while grilling some food, drinking some beer, hanging out in the pool, driving with the windows down and playing the hell out of it. Song after song of intensity, energy and a true love is felt throughout the album. The vocals are melodic and powerful, and the playing is top-notch with great low-end from the bass, charging drums, and great solos. Every song is made to played loud and over and over again with favorites being “Unlived”, “Burn ‘Til There Ain’t No Nothin’ Left”, “Order And Chaos”, “Mastermind”, “Lucky 7”, “Razor Jam”, “Still Waters Run Deep” and “Gimme More Bullets”.

A great album that has the sound and feel of both classic and more modern hard rock / heavy metal. The melody and the keyboards keep it in the classic period, while some of the guitar playing and drumming push it into more modern sounds, but it totally works. This is an album that I am going to put in the car to play as I go to work and will be playing a lot in and outside my house.