PLACES TO HIDE: Almost Nothing: CD

Almost Nothing cover art

This is the debut album from this quartet out of Atlanta, GA that has touches of ’90s indie, but not the bad, pretentious crap that made you want to throw up, instead they conjure up some grooves that SUPERCHUNK would have killed for. The band is made up of Kyle Swick on guitar and vocals,
Deborah Hudson on guitar and vocals, Gavin Caffrey on drums. and Steve Valero on bass and the dual vocals make this a standout.

The male and female vocals give this a very cool sound, especially since they aren’t perfect and it gives it a feeling of being in a live situation listening to them instead of a sterile recording. The songs are all about youth, sex, drugs, and drinking, but not cheesy or contrived, just their experiences and thoughts that are catchy and a lot of fun to listen to. The band is creating a great noise behind the vocals with everything a little sloppy, disjointed and probably one of the better albums that I’ve heard in a long time by a new band. The band scores points for really making me want to go see them live and buy a t-shirt from them, not a lot of bands can pull that one off.

Possibly one of those albums that will get dragged out to all of my friend’s houses to make them hear what a great debut album this is. Their E.P. from last year is good, but this shows them getting even better and growing as a band.